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Josh's Raspberry Coulis

This little recipe comes from our resident cook and experimenter Joshua. He works at the shed picking, packing and bagging. He made his way to us all the way from Western Australia and had the privilege of marrying into the Sandy Creek family when he married Courtney. Among his list of talents that includes graphic design, photography and marketing he also has a passion for cooking. So when there are some left over berries that are nearing their best before time Josh will jump at opportunity to whip up a batch of this sweet but tart and indulgent coulis. This is not a complicated recipe but it is labour intensive so get those muscles ready!

Raspberry & Blueberry Coulis:

350g fresh raspberries

125g fresh blueberries

4 tbs raw sugar

1/3 cup water

1/4 tsp table salt

juice of 2 medium oranges

1. Place berries, sugar, water and salt in a saucepan and heat until sugar has dissolved. Do not boil!

2. Transfer mixture to a blender or use a stick mixer to puree until smooth.

3. Use a strainer to push mixture through mesh into a bowl, constantly scraping viscous mix from both the top and bottom of the strainer (that's what makes the sauce thick!). Discard seeds as you go but try not to throw away any of the viscous liquid.

4. Transfer mixture to the fridge to allow to set for up to 2 hours. (you can also freeze some of the mixture and defrost later or use frozen)

This recipe is versatile and easy and makes enough for a couple of pavlovas, plenty of ice cream topping (homemade splice anyone?) or in smoothies or yogurt. You can easily replace the berries that go into this recipe but make sure to taste as you go and add some lemon juice if you use something sweeter.

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